On Saturday the Bloomington Fire Department celebrated 150 years of service in a very special way.  

State Representative Rodney Davis says, “I’ve witnessed your heroism, I’ve experienced your courage, and I’m humbled by what each and every one of you do everyday.”

The Bloomington Fire Department has given 150 years of laying their lives on the line for their citizens.

“They rush into danger as those are fleeing from it, I’ve always had the greatest respect for those that do this job.”

And to commemorate all fire fighters who have served and are currently serving, monuments have been placed in Miller Park in honor of those who have given their lives.

“The East Side of the Memorial is dedicated to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, and died in the line of duty.”

And on the west side of the memorial is the Service Memorial Sculpture, and now the memorial and all monuments in it will remind everyone about the service these firefighters give each and every day.

State Representative Dan Brady says, “It’s a place to come to reflect, for everyone.  Not just fire service, and it’s a great teaching tool to let the future know the sacrifices that were made here.”