Bloomington, Ill. (WMBD) — The City of Bloomington has kicked off Drinking Water Week as a way to recognize the vital role water plays in everyday life for both water professionals and the communities they serve.

This year’s event began Sunday, May 7, and will last until May 13. It’s sponsored by the American Water Works Association.

According to American Water Works Association CEO David LaFrance, “Access to clean, safe drinking water is vital to our daily health, hygiene and hydration.”

The city invites and encourages the public to learn more about how truly vital clean, safe water is in daily life and its role in protecting public health and the environment.

Bloomington mayor Mboka Mwilambwe will issue a proclamation to recognize Drinking Water Week during the City Council Meeting on Monday night.

For more information about water in the City of Bloomington, go to and click on the water icon; email or call (309) 434-2225 during business hours.