BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — It was a step back in time for current and former staff at Bloomington Junior High School Monday afternoon, April 19.

Staff opened a time capsule left by sixth-graders in the year 2000 in former teacher Judy Hines’ class. The capsule was part of a project describing what life was like 20 years ago in regard to pop culture, sports and food.

Hines said she forgot about the time capsule until remembering about it one night while laying in bed. She said she told the principal and custodial staff was able to find it behind a stairway.

Not much has changed from 2000, she said, besides more technology and more violence in the world.

“Somebody asked me, ‘Is there that much that’s changed?’ There really isn’t that much that changed other than we have DVDs and not big VCRs, but the toys, the restaurants, the sports, they’re pretty much the same,” Hines said.

All contents from the capsule will be displayed in a case inside the school for all students and staff to view and enjoy.