BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The City of Bloomington is improving the taste of its drinking water following a high amount of taste and odor compounds found within it.

Public works crews seasonally switch the water supply between the city’s two sources; Evergreen Lake and Lake Bloomington in Hudson. Director of the city’s public works department, Kevin Kothe said warm summer months cause an increase in blue-green algae.

That means the water may taste or smell different than usual, however it is still safe to drink.

“It really is not a safety issue, the water is still perfectly good for consumption, it’s just some people will notice a slightly different taste or odor to it; not everybody does but some people are more sensitive to it,” Kothe said.

Kothe said crews switched water supply between the two lakes last week and residents should start to see an improved taste soon.

Carbon filters at the city’s water treatment plant remove most of the taste and odor compounds.

Water crews also slowed down the flow of water through the plant to allow for more efficient filtration.