Bloomington man arrested on drug charges

Local News
Thornton, Jordan[13973]_1553205070144.JPG.jpg

Bloomington, IL – A Bloomington man has been arrested on drug charges.

On Tuesday BPD topped a vehicle for a traffic violation near the intersection of Four Seasons Road and Clobertin Court. Jordyn Thornton, who was not inside of the vehicle during the traffic stop, walked up to the traffic stop, and attempted to interfere with the traffic stop.

Thornton was arrestedfor Resisting / Obstructing a Peace Officer. A search incident to arrest was performed and officers located four MDMA (Ecstasy) pills on Jordyn’s person.

BPD detectives were granted a search warrant for Jordyn’s residence. After executing the search warrant, detectives located and seized: 26 pills of MDMA/Ecstasy, an unknown pill, a bag containing 1.5 grams of cocaine, and other evidence of drug distribution.

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