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Bloomington Police crack down on drug users

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - A local police department is knuckling down on drug users.

The Bloomington Police Street Crimes and VICE Unit have had several drug arrests in the last two months. The department said it's a combination of an uptick in crimes, and help from the community.

Bloomington crime stats for 2017 are not out yet, but initial findings show the city will have lower numbers, compared to 2016.

"I firmly believe it's a lot of successes from a lot of different units. From patrol maybe getting that initial information, to our crime analysis unit, giving that analysis of what their finding. Then to some of our investigative units," said Elias Mendiola, BPD's Public Information Officer. "Those are great successes and that's a combination of great neighborhood watches throughout the city, a lot of communication with our citizens calling in some of these suspicious individuals, vehicles, findings in their neighborhood."

Mendiola said it feels great to see all of the success the units are having.

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