BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — On Sunday, Bloomington Police Department released the results for its community survey. In October, the department started a 90-day pilot.

Bryce Janssen, Public Information Officer, said the department decided to release results at the one-month mark with hopes to get more community input. Out of 497 surveys that were sent out, only 72 or 14% were completed.

“We just want to show everybody how the program is going right now,” said Janssen. “We’re hoping next month we can get some more involvement and feedback with those surveys.”

Janssen said at this time surveys are sent to those who dial 911 or the nonemergency number. A person could receive a survey after calling for police assistance in situations such as trespassing, theft and car crashes. However, sensitive calls such as domestic violence or sexual assault will not receive a survey.

“We don’t want to bombard people with questions if they’re going through a particularly rough time,” Janssen said.

Janssen said the survey allows for transparency.

“People have a way to voice their opinions, their experience with us and it gives us a way to look at those and guide what we’re doing and help us make some decisions better,” he said. “And also, we can release that information to them, let them know how we’re viewed in the community and just let them know that what you’re saying is being heard.”

Below are the survey results:

  • 75% had a positive view of BPD.
  • 14% had a neutral view of BPD.
  • 11% had a negative view of BPD.
  • 84% felt they were treated fairly and with respect.
  • 87% felt they received the help they needed.
  • 77% felt they had their questions answered.
  • 57% wanted to see an increased patrol car visibility in order to increase safety in the
  • community.

The top four safety concerns of the community were gun violence (33%), theft (13%), personal attacks (12%), and drug sales (12%).