BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — On Sunday, the Bloomington Police Department is implementing a new tool to better serve the community. Residents will begin receiving a survey after officers respond to a call.

This is an add-on service for the department through Axon, the same company that provides the department’s body cam services. Within 72 hours of police responding to a call, a survey will be sent to the caller’s phone.

Survey responses will be anonymous. According to Police Chief Jamal Simington, Bloomington is the second agency in the state and first in Central Illinois to pilot the survey service. He said they are always looking for innovative ways to engage the public.

“Any other business or corporation in America utilizes survey systems. This is something that we haven’t used here in the city of Bloomington to this level. So, this will provide us that same opportunity,” said Simington. “A service that we’re providing to our customers, our citizens, our community members, our businesses to really understand if we’re meeting their expectations or perhaps exceeding those.”

Bloomington Police will pilot the survey for 90 days and then assess the results.