BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Bloomington Police are asking for the public’s help in their continued search for Jelani Day.

The Illinois State University graduate student, 25, vanished almost a month ago on Aug. 24.

Day’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, said it has been a harrowing 27 days.

“I’m not used to not talking to my son for two days, let alone 27 days, so this has been very agonizing for me. This is very painful. It’s not even a word that I can even use to describe what I’m feeling. I just want to hear Jelani’s voice,” she said.

Now, Bloomington Police are asking the public for descriptive tips that can help lead them to Day.

“What we want is any factual tip, even as simple as. ‘Hey, you know, we saw him walking last month on the quad’ or something. That would be a good tip,” said BPD Public Information Officer John Fermon.

Fermon said vague information only slows the process down.

“If you don’t have any information that’s factual or anything like that, it kind of slows the detectives down. So we’re hoping that we can get some good tips which could be in the smallest thing like ‘Hey, I saw a white Chrysler 300 driving through ISU,'” he said.

Bolden Day said there has been a “lack of camera footage” and is asking for people and businesses to check their cameras.

“If you know that you were pointing your camera toward a highway or a road; if you can review your camera to see if you see that 2010 White Chrysler 300 with the blacktop, please let us know,” she said.

She said it’s not like Jelani to disappear from the family without telling them his whereabouts.

“The narrative was put out there that maybe he was overwhelmed or depressed. He’s none of those things. Jelani is a very strong-minded young man. He’s a very determined and goal-driven young man. I know that he wouldn’t have just derailed himself or chosen to be away from us on purpose,” Bolden Day said. 

She said her son wants to be a doctor, and was attending ISU to get his master’s in speech pathology.

“I need him to come home so that he could continue his journey of becoming Dr. Jelani Day,” she said.

If you have a tip, contact the Bloomington Police Department at 309-820-8888.