BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — New warnings from Bloomington Police to be mindful of what you’re sending and to who you’re sending it to.

As high school and college classes resume, officers said they see a big increase in phone-based scams specifically, smishing, catfishing and sextortion.

Smishing is a text claiming to be from a company, but in reality it’s scammers looking for personal information, similar to phishing in emails.

Catfishing is when someone lures another into a relationship using a fake persona.

Sextortion involves an online predator convincing someone to send lewd photos of themselves once the victim sends the photos, then the suspect demands a payment or else the photos will be leaked online.

“While we do try to investigate it; we do subpoenas and all that to try and get the phone records of who’s sending the stuff, it almost always ends up out of the country and our enforcement action at that point is nil. Then you’re out of money and these pictures are with your friends and family, so we tell everyone do not send any pictures that you don’t want everyone to see,” said public information officer Brandt Parsley.

Police said, don’t send anyone money if you aren’t sure who they are; and remind you, once something is sent, especially compromising pictures, you have no control what happens to them.