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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) – Diamond Johnson’s intimate home workspace is her haven of candle creativity.

“Growing up, my grandmother–she loved candles. So if you never knew what to get her for the holidays or anything, a candle would always put a smile on her face,” Johnson said.

When Johnson isn’t on duty as a member of the National Guard, she spends much of her time making candles. The process takes patience and creativity. Beyond the element of artistry, Johnson is also making her childhood dreams come true.

“I knew at a young age entrepreneurship was for me. Even—I didn’t even know the full definition. I just knew I wanted to be a boss. I wanted to run my own thing.”

diamond johnson

“I knew at a young age, I wanted to be an entrepreneur,” said Johnson. “People would always ask me ‘Like what type of business?’ And I never knew. I never knew even through like high school.”

Johnson found her calling when she opened It’s Lit Diamond Company out of her home in February, launching her own line of crafted candles and air fresheners. The items are shipped to customers all across the country and sold at local pop-up shops.

“I was just sitting down one day and I was thinking what could I do–you know to bring in my own income and not just—you know—working for someone else?” she said.

The answer to that question came while Johnson was working as a caregiver for a Bloomington art teacher.

“She did have like some candles and different arts and crafts stuff—a lot of arts and crafts stuff. So being able to take care of her and seeing some of her work inspired me as well,” said Johnson.

Johnson said she isn’t stopping anytime soon, with some new ideas on the horizon.

She said, “It started with candles. Now my brain’s been working. I’ve come up with air fresheners. I have customized lighters, little gift bags, little totes with samples in it. And I’m loving it.”

“I’m excited to see what the next year looks like for It’s Lit Candles,” Johnson said.

For more information on It’s Lit Diamond Co., visit the store’s online website.

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