Bloomington’s Carrillo at odds with newly elected pro-police candidates, calls them ‘Dangerous Authoritarians’

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A fiery fallout following the election results in the city of Bloomington Tuesday, April 6.

Current councilwoman Jenn Carrillo under scrutiny for a Facebook post claiming two city council candidate winners are “dangerous authoritarians”.

Tuesday night, voters selected Sheila Montney and Nick Becker to represent wards 3 and 5 on the city’s council. Now current councilwoman Jenn Carrillo says she will make their next two years working together a “living hell”.

Carrillo firing a Facebook post late Tuesday night directed at both Montney and Becker
that said they were bought out by the city of Bloomington’s police union who endorsed both candidates.

She also says she has no interest in seeking unity and in a comment calling them both fascists.

“To be honest feel sorry for her. I can’t imagine having that much hate and venom that that’s what drives you. I really hope we can get past that and work together,” Becker said.

Both Becker and Montney ran on pro-police platforms, in contrast to Carrillo is an outspoken Supporter of defunding police.

Becker said the voters support police departments locally and nationwide.

“The vast majority of those surveys will tell you in every area, 70plus% of the people are against defunding the police because it doesn’t work. It isn’t just what we were saying, it’s what people want,” Becker said.

Montney said since ancient times local governments have provided safety.

“Providing safety for its people was a core responsibility, and it remains so today,” Montney said.

She said the post makes her sad for Carrillo but will be cordial to her soon-to-be colleague.

“I’m confident that there will be common ground to work from, and I’ll do my best to explore that and remain open-minded, and I hope she’ll do the same,” Montney said.

Outgoing mayor Tari Renner said Carrillo’s post is not a good start in ensuring a peaceful transfer of power come May 1st.

“We know there are going to be differences of opinion, and it’s important not to burn bridges. I hope that in a sense, calmer heads will prevail and that we can still move together and work together,” Renner said.

Becker and Montney say it’s an honor to be elected to council and look forward to getting to work at city hall.

Carrillo sent a statement in part saying:

“Striving for unity sounds nice, but often it’s just code for acquiescing to a status quo that benefits the powerful, but excludes many in our community, and actively harms people on the margins.

In 2019, I was elected based on my commitment to fight relentlessly and without apology for those folks. I have done that for the past two years, and I plan to continue.

Montney and Becker ran campaigns that employed fear-mongering, deception, and intentional misinformation of voters–sponsored by big business and the police union. That says a lot about who they are and how they will show up to council. Perhaps we will find common ground on some issues, but I have no intention of building unity with them around their authoritarian regressive beliefs.

Instead, I will proudly honor the people who would suffer under these policies by making it as difficult for them as possible to freeze these retrograde values into policy in our city. I’m much more committed to being on the right side of justice than I am to respectability or congeniality.”

Jenn Carrillo – Bloomington Councilwoman

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