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Blue Lives Matter rally stirs up controversy

About a dozen people came out, after an organization claims racist ties.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - Controversy in the Twin Cities on Monday, after a local woman organizes a Blue Lives Matter rally.

The local Black Lives Matter chapter claims the organizer, Regina Noland, has Facebook posts that connect her with white supremacist groups.

"We looked her up and it wasn't hard to find her ties to white supremacist groups and other types of things like that," said Black Lives Matter spokesperson Divah Griffin.

"I'm not affiliated with any of that," said Noland. "I just want to say thank you and I don't see anything as American as that; as saying thank you to men in uniform."

Griffin responded, "If that was the case, why can we link her to Facebook posts that say that she just likes to make liberals mad, and she likes to do these things just to agitate other people. That's not coming from the right place. If she does want to support the police department, she can do so in better ways."

WMBD tried to look up Noland's Facebook page, but it is set to private.

In a letter, Black Lives Matter asked Bloomington Police Chief Brendan Heffener to denounce the rally publicly, especially after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend.

"We felt that was a negative thing that comes out at such a poor time," said Griffin.

Noland says she requested the event two weeks ago. Heffner has not responded.

The controversy did not stop just over a dozen people from gathering outside of Bloomington's city hall with flags and signs.

Across the street from the rally, three people stood with their faces covered, holding a sign with profanity calling rally-goer's fascists. They declined to talk with our crew.

Black Lives Matter asked its supporters to stay away from the rally all together, including any counter protests.

Police were not at the rally on Monday, although they were aware of it.

Noland told our crew there that she was pleased it ended up being a small, quiet rally to show her support. She said that's exactly what she was hoping it would be.

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