Board of Education survey reveals only 1 in 4 kids are ready for kindergarten

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Data from the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) released Monday revealed that roughly three out of four children starting kindergarten are not fully prepared. 

The Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS), measured three categories in Fall 2017: social and emotional development, language and literacy development, and math. 

The results revealed that statewide, 24 percent of children are ready in all three developmental areas, 18 percent are ready in two developmental areas, 17 percent are ready in one developmental area and 42 percent are not ready in any areas. 

106,670, or 81 percent, of kindergarten students in the state were screened. 

ISBE began requiring all Illinois kindergarten teachers to use the tool last fall, after piloting the tool for five years in districts around the state. Within the first 40 days of school, teachers observe and collect data for 14 required measures as students go about their daily classroom routines.

Students “demonstrate kindergarten readiness” if they display the skills, knowledge and behavior needed for kindergarten level learning across three developmental areas—social and emotional development, language and literacy, and math. Students displaying the skills, knowledge and behavior needed in less than three developmental areas “need additional support.”

In Peoria, only 13 percent of children were considered ready for kindergarten in all three developmental areas. 15 percent were ready in two areas, 14 percent were ready in one area and 58 percent were ready in none of the areas. 

KIDS data will help public policy makers and advocates in assessing the need for additional early childhood funding and allocating resources; principals and administrators in improving curriculum and professional learning for teachers; teachers in informing instructional practice; early childhood providers in aligning programs to clear expectations around kindergarten readiness; and families in promoting more learning at home.

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