Bob & Tom’s Excellent Adventures: Metamora Courthouse history

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METAMORA, Ill. — Bob Larson and Tom McIntyre have been hitting the trail again, in search of stories from this area’s past and present.

The two’s latest adventure finds them at an historic site in Woodford County: the Metamora Courthouse State Historic Site.

Built 174 years ago, it was part of the 8th Circuit Court system – that’s the Judicial Circuit that Abraham Lincoln worked for 13 years of his life.

This old courthouse is filled with items from Woodford County’s history. But, it’s also got a lot about Lincoln, since there’s only two Illinois county courthouses where he practiced law. Inside, you can walk where he walked, see where he worked.

For five months a year, Lincoln and other lawyers would travel the eighth circuit—from Shelby County in the South to Woodford in the North and all the way to the Indiana border in the east.  

In 1896, Eureka became the Woodford County seat and the old courthouse got other uses. It’s now operated by the Illinois Department of Nature Resources.

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