Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood tells WMBD that a call came in around 7:40 pm Saturday about a man, in the mid-40’s, found slumped over in the parking lot of Lover’s Playground. 

47-year-old Kevin M. West, whose last known address was listed as the Salvation Army Safety Net Homeless shelter. 

EMS arrived on the scene to effort to resuscitate West, but was unsuccessful in their attempt. 

A small wound was found on his head, which the coroner believes was from a fall. 

EMS states on their arrival to the scene, that it appeared West had been sitting on the curb, and fell forward onto the left side of his head, sustaining a small laceration; on their assessment, he was not breathing.

West had been passing through the parking lot, and not a patron the business establishment. 

No other signs were found. 

The autopsy was inconclusive, leaving no immediate official cause of death. 

This story will be updated.