Bradley alumnus gives back to college with big donation

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PEORIA, Ill — Bradley University students are soon getting a big donation from one of their very own.

Before his passing in 2018, Dr. Earl Beard was a 1945 medical technology graduate from Bradley. The college will receive a $1,000,000 donation through a trust established by Earl and his wife Evelyn Beard.
The money will go toward creating scholarships in the sciences and liberal arts.

Vice President for University Advancement Jacob Heuser says it’s exciting times for the college.

“This is truly transformational for Bradley University. The number of students we’ll be able to impact year over year to bring that true experience of discovery, and discovery was really what Earl Beard’s career was about,” said Jacob Heuser, VP for University Advancement.

A Peoria native, Beard has experience in the cardiac catheterization field and serving in the United States Air Force. His and Evelyn’s legacy and passion can now live on through students working toward similar science goals.

“It was really earl and Lovie’s intent to provide the opportunity for students to experience a true and liberal arts education,” said Heuser.

Whether the money goes toward microscopes or stethoscopes, it gives students a chance to live their dreams.

“They truly love that idea of discovery and the opportunity to bring that to students at a private university experience in Central Illinois where Earl was from, was truly a passion of their entire lives,” said Heuser.

The first contribution from the trust will happen this summer. The donation will be given to the college each year.

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