Bradley students frustrated with how leaders handled campus quarantine

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Bradley University students said they’re having mixed feelings about quarantine after the first week of the campus-wide shutdown.

When Bradley administrators decided last Tuesday to implement the quarantine, they gave students just a few hours notice.

“We had no indication that this was going to happen,” said sophomore Melody Hampton.

Some students said it wasn’t enough time and it caught many of them by surprise.

“They only gave us a couple hours. It was a little bit stressful,” said sophomore Maggie Gough.

Hampton believes an increase in COVID-19 cases on campus is simply unavoidable.

“You put a bunch of teenagers in one area and expect them to follow the rules, and obviously you’re going to have dissenters, obviously you’re going to have rule-breakers,” said Hampton.

School officials said the quarantine would give them time to assess the COVID-19 situation on campus.

“I’m happy that the university is taking these steps to make sure that our semester can be finished,” said Gough.

Some believe rather than taking a proactive approach, the university was reactive.

“I feel like one of the things they should’ve had to plan for is what if we have this spike in cases, what should we do,” said Hampton.

Now, students are worried about their future while continuing on with classes and their education.

“This definitely isn’t the college experience I had in mind. My professors are really, they’re working so hard to make sure that we get everything out of it that we’re paying for in that aspect,” said Hampton.

Students hope they can continue to learn at Bradley and stay in Peoria.

“I would love to stay on campus. I really love the campus, I love Bradley so much. It makes me sad to think that there could be a possibility of me going home,” said Gough.

A university spokesperson said school leaders are continuing to assess the situation before making decisions about the remainder of the semester.

Bradley University’s two-week, all student quarantine ends Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 7 a.m.

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