Bradley students head back to class for start of the academic school year

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PEORIA, Ill. — If you noticed Bradley University buzzing with life Wednesday, it’s because students were heading off to their first day of classes for the start of the new academic school year.

Over the weekend, parents and new students spent the day unloading cars and moving into their new homes. With a full itinerary of activities, some incoming freshmen may feel overwhelmed with the process, but one senior is hoping to pass on some wisdom to the class of 2023.

“Spend your time wisely,” said Miles Juarez, Sports Communications Major at Bradley. “You’re only an undergrad for the most part one time through. Spend time with who you care about and what you care about, and prepare yourself for what you want to do, because before you know it you’ll be a senior on your last day at Bradley. Take a hold of your college experiences and give it all you got.”

Juarez also recommends that students take the time to get involved- and he’s looking forward to seeing the finished product and grand reveal of the new business and engineering building that will open in the fall.

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