PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — Bradley University students are showing solidarity with Israel in the aftermath of a brutal attack by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Locals and students met on Bradley’s quad Sunday afternoon to sing Jewish songs and read from the Torah.

Rabbi Eli Langsam said even though the conflict is happening far from American soil, the impacts are felt worldwide by the Jewish community, including here at home.

“All Jewish people are one happy family and when Jews get murdered or butchered or killed, it really affects all of us,” said Langsam. “It doesn’t make a difference where you are around the world. In general, Jews around the world are uniting as we’ve never seen before. They’ve come together because we realized we’re all one family, and we’re all in this together. Regardless of affiliation, level, or background, we’re all Jews, and we’re all united as one.”

More information on how to get involved can be found on the Mitzvahs For Israel website.