Update (10:50 p.m.) — At approximately 7:22 pm Bradley University Police Department received a call of a bomb threat for the Business Engineering and Convergence Center and a lockdown was ordered. An all-clear was given at 9:55 pm. Students, faculty and staff who left belongings can pickup items from the south entrance of the building until midnight. The facility will be closed until further notice.

Bradley University Chief of Police Brian Joschko says campus safety is top priority and all threats are taken seriously.

“There is no doubt that this is a traumatic event. And certainly it will be impactful for our students and it will be impactful for our campus community. Not just tonight or tomorrow but the days and weeks ahead,” he said. “So we have a number of resources on our campus. We have an on campus counseling center that’s available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”

The Business Engineering and Convergence Center is expected to have normal operations tomorrow.

At this time there is still an ongoing investigation. There is no suspect information.

UPDATE (9:55 p.m.)– BU foreWarn alert has cleared immediate danger, students may resume normal activity.

UPDATE (9:43 p.m.)– Counseling and support services will be available to students.

UPDATE (9:14 p.m.)– A BU foreWarn alert has lifted the shelter in place order but students must still remain indoors.

UPDATE (9:03 p.m.)– WMBD’s Breanna Rittman is on scene at Comstock. Peoria Police cannot confirm if there is a bomb threat, only that the call was for a bomb threat. Bradley is still on lockdown and will be given the all clear as soon as possible.

UPDATE (8:17 p.m.) — Per their Twitter, Bradley University has sent a BU foreWarn alert and ordered students and faculty to lockdown immediately and wait for further instructions.

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Bradley University is currently on lockdown.

According to Peoria Police, the incident was called into dispatch as a bomb threat.

WMBD has a crew en route to the scene.