Bradley University students concerned after safety alerts; Campus police respond

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PEORIA, Ill. —  “Worried,” “terrifying,” and “scary” are just three of the many descriptions a few Bradley University students used to describe how they feel after seeing yet another safety alert for threats happening near and on the campus.

Bradley University Police Department released an alert, Tuesday evening, saying a Bradley student was approached by someone claiming they had a gun in an attempted robbery in the 800 block of N. Frink Street.

Max Talsania, a junior at Bradley, said it’s been a scary situation to these incidents on campus.

“They’ve been in front of the student apartment complex,” Talsania said. “They’ve been in front of the library, in front of Bradley Hall.”

“They” are the armed suspects that have been reported attempting to rob individuals in the campus area. This school year, there have been nine safety alerts issued. Lily Piper, a sophomore at Bradley, said that’s an alarming number.

“Last year, I felt pretty safe on this campus,” Piper said. “There were a couple of alerts but nothing this frequent.”

Brian Joschko, chief of the university’s police department, said despite what people may think, crimes are not increasing on campus there’s just more attention being brought to them for people to take extra precaution.

Joschko also said they’re working with the Peoria Police Department to help secure the students and the area.

“The university has increased it’s police patrols in the area,” Joschko said. “We are looking to add additional security cameras in the boundaries around the campus.”

He said in addition to increasing police presence and enhancing patrolling strategies, the department is also adding a security officer position and will expand its safety cruiser program to transport students around campus.

Joschko also said those in the area should not get complacent with their personal safety and should work together with the city’s resources to ensure the area’s safety.

“Whether that’s our students, our faculty, our staff, our neighbors it doesn’t really matter,” Joschko said. “We’re all individually responsible for the collective safety of both our campus and our off-campus area.”

Joschko said there are routes students can take to reduce unnecessary risks such as: reporting suspicious behavior, being aware of their surroundings, traveling in groups at night, leaving their porch lights on, utilizing the campus’ safe walk program, emergency call boxes and Hilton Safety Cruiser service to get around.

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