Bradley University students react to campus-wide quarantine ending

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — After a spike in COVID-19 cases hit Bradley University, leaders at the school enacted a two-week quarantine.

“It was very just last minute surprise,” said Sophomore Kyle Prochotski.

“You were pretty much trapped in your dorm. You could go outside and take a walk, but only with your roommate. You couldn’t socialize with anybody else on campus,” said Freshman Matthew Brassier.

Tuesday marked the end of quarantine and Bradley students got to roam the campus and attend class in person again.

“It seemed to definitely work, I’m just worried about what people are going to do after the fact, I don’t know if everybody’s going to stay vigilant,” said Prochotski.

Some students have mixed feelings on the decision to temporarily shutdown campus.

“I mean, it is college. You want to enjoy your time here, but this is COVID. It is pretty serious and I get their concerns for trying to conserve it because we did have a big spike two weeks ago,” said Brassier.

Others said the university could have done a better job preparing students.

“I think that it’s really good that they’re trying to be forthright with us, but I feel like everybody else feels like they’re not being very forthcoming with the information and they could’ve explained more what was going to happen with this quarantine,” said Prochotski.

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