PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — More Bradley University students have been speaking out in hopes that the university does not allow Stephanie Melgoza to walk at graduation.

Melgoza was arrested on April 10 after police said she hit two people, which resulted in their death. Melgoza, who was intoxicated at the time, has been charged with a DUI but has not been convicted or charged for the deaths of the two people she hit.

Students are requesting that she not be on stage for graduation.

After looking at Bradley University’s graduating senior’s list, Melgoza’s name no longer appears online with the other students who are walking at graduation.

“I don’t think they would let her walk, and I hope they don’t. It would be very unbecoming to let something like that slide and allow her the praise that she could get at graduation. It’s just not fair to those people, those families,” said Senior Stephen Lucas.

The university administration has yet to comment on allowing her to continue classes and graduate in May and students are hoping something is said soon.

Lucas said, “Better communication between administration and students is gonna be better and I think involving students more, their voices, especially in something like this. I don’t think many people would be very comfortable if they had to sit next to her at graduation either.”

Senior Angel Limon said he thinks it will take away from the special graduation day. “If you think about it, you’re gonna have someone who’s killed two people right there, and I’m also gonna be bringing my family. It’s supposed to be a happy setting, like it’s not supposed to be clouded over something that happened to pertain to her, right? And it’s almost like taking the day away from all the graduating students,” said Limon.