Bradley University to lift all-student quarantine, though some restrictions will stay in place

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Bradley University officials decided to return to pre-all-student quarantine teaching styles, but many of the restrictions from the all-student quarantine will remain in place.

“We know socialization is key, it is paramount, to your emotional and mental well being. We don’t want to take that away, but we have to put some restrictions on it, otherwise we’ll be forced to close and there won’t be the opportunity to be on campus,” said Renee Charles, executive director of public relations.

The change comes after the university consulted with the Peoria City/County Health Department and talked to a number of other universities facing similar challenges. The university announced the change in a press release.

Starting at 7 a.m. Sept. 23, students will no longer be quarantined, but many of the restrictions from the all-student quarantine will still be enforced.

“We have seen a downward trend in our numbers, but not enough to say we can open everything back up. So those restrictions have to remain in place and if and when we start to see those numbers get down to where we’re more comfortable, we may be able to ease some of those restrictions,” said Charles.

Those restriction include:

  • You must wear a facial covering that covers both your nose and mouth except when you are in your own sleeping room (whether it is in a residence hall, house, or apartment). This is true when you are either inside or outside.
  • You must maintain at least six feet of physical distance from others except when you are in your own sleeping room (whether it is in a residence hall, house or apartment).
  • You must diligently practice proper hand hygiene and proper cough/sneeze etiquette.
  • You may not have guests in your residence hall room or off-campus residence.
  • You may not visit off-campus eating establishments, drinking establishments, or off-campus residences.

Bradley University also adjusted the quarantine guidelines for member of the student population. Those members will have a COVID-19 status of either isolationquarantine, or general population (i.e., presumed to be COVID-free).

Officials will identify specific people in a residence hall setting, as opposed to the entire floor, as close contacts (e.g., roommates of COVID-positive students and others who came into close contact with those students). Only those people identified as close contacts will be placed in quarantine.

They said if there is a marked increase in the number of cases on a residence hall floor, the entire floor may be put into quarantine. An entire off-campus residence or fraternity/sorority house will continue to be considered close contacts and follow the original quarantine process.


There is no deadline for students to request a move to full remote learning, but students will need to submit a request to to do so. Exceptions to virtual classes, like a practicum or lab, will still exist.

Depending on your COVID-19 status, you may be able to participate in virtual-only or both virtual and in-person classes:

  • If you are a student in isolation, you must continue to attend virtual classes but you may not attend in-person classes.
  • If you are a student in quarantine, you must continue to attend virtual classes but you may not attend in-person classes.
  • If you are a student in the general population, you will return to your previously scheduled classes and continue to follow all required COVID-19 precaution practices.

Non-Classroom Activities

The university is still restricting social interaction to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to assure they can complete the fall term on campus. This table summarizes what you may do, what you may not do, and what you are encouraged to do outside of your residence:

University Dining

All dining facilities will be grab-and-go only. Your personal dining options are based on your COVID-19 status:

  • If you are a student in isolation, your meals will be delivered by dining services.
  • If you are a student in quarantine, your meals will either be delivered to you or a specific location will be designated for take-out / grab-and-go meals.
  • If you are a student in the general population, you will have access to grab-and-go meals at university dining locations. Stacks will remain closed for the remainder of the semester.

Student Life

All face-to-face activities hosted by student organizations will be done in a virtual environment only. This includes organization meetings and official (or unofficial) events.

The Markin Center will resume operation and Cullom-Davis Library will continue to be available, as will approved study locations. Health Services will continue to schedule appointments and Counseling Services will continue to be available virtually. 

Residence Halls

If you wish to move out of your residence hall, you must first submit a request to to switch to complete virtual learning. If accepted for remote learning, you will not be able to reside in the residence halls or SAC. Upon approval, you will automatically be released from your housing contract. 

If you are moving out of a residence hall, you must vacate your room. No more than three people, including the student, should enter a building and room to help with the move. Roommates should NOT move-out of a room at the same time. You will be able to leave items in your room if you move out. Bradley University will not be responsible for any items left in a room and does not guarantee placement into the same room for the spring semester. More information regarding spring 2021 housing will come out in late October.

Students who depart by Sept. 27 will have their housing and meal plans prorated to Sept. 9. Those who leave after Sept. 27 will have their housing and meal plans prorated based on their departure date. It will take some time to update your university bill.

All other housing operations, including Main Street Commons, individual rental properties, fraternities, and sororities are operated by outside agencies. All questions regarding the operations of these properties should be directed to the appropriate landlord.

Enforcement of Mandatory Guidelines

Enforcement of these mandatory guidelines will continue. The univeristy is taking disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from campus, of anyone who violates these policies. You can help by continuing to hold yourself and those around you accountable to these mandatory guidelines. If you see concerning activity, report it to or complete the noncompliance form online. For an immediate response, contact 309-677-2000.

All students must cooperate fully with contact tracers working on behalf of the university or local health departments. This includes responding to inquiries (texts, emails, or calls) and fully disclosing information relevant to the case and contact investigation. For a person who has tested positive for COVID-19, this information includes the disclosure of the contact information for their close contacts. Information shared as a part of contact tracing is not disclosed as a part of any student conduct investigation/enforcement.

Because of your efforts, we are able to resume in-person instruction and can look forward to finishing the fall semester together as a community,” said President Stephen Standifird.

“We will continue to evaluate all of our actions. Remember, we are not out of the woods, we must continue to follow the guidelines and do everything we can to stem the spread of the virus in our community. If we see another spike or a negative trend emerges, we will have to go fully remote for the remainder of the semester. However, I am confident we can successfully complete the semester on campus if we all work together and remain vigilant in our compliance to appropriate behaviors. Bradley Unite.”

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