Brady’s Battle: 22-year-old Peoria man raises money for heart, liver transplant

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – A Peoria man is raising money for a new heart and liver.

“My name is Brady Weaver, I’m 22 and I have hypoplastic left heart syndrome and I also have a disease called protein-losing enteropathy,” said Weaver.

It’s a fight 22 years in the making, but a new heart and liver could change Brady Weaver’s life forever.

“I’ve been currently waiting on the transplant list for a heart and liver for seven and a half months,” said Weaver.

Despite his condition, he never stopped doing what he loved, playing sports.

“I played baseball, basketball, soccer. I always asked my cardiologist can I do this can I play this or can I go unhooked for an hour or two to play this,” said Weaver.

Right now, he’s waiting for the call for a new heart and liver. Weaver is just below number 100 on the transplant list.

“What does this heart and liver mean to you,” asked WMBD Reporter Nina McFarlane.

“It honestly means everything I’ve been on the waitlist for almost eight months but it feels like I’ve been on it for 22 years. My goal is to feel normal I guess just for one day I want to know what it feels like what everybody else feels like,” said Weaver.

His father, Greg Weaver said Brady inspires him each and every day.

“I’m blown away at his maturity level and how he accepts things and his attitude is just phenomenal,” said Weaver.

When asked what the first thing Brady wanted to do after his surgery, he said he’s got a long list of things he can’t wait to do again.

“I just want to do a lot of things like I haven’t been in a pool in almost a year or so and haven’t been able to like shower properly haha I have to wear this huge sleeve on my arm to shower,” said Weaver.

His father also designed shirts for a golf outing on Saturday to raise money for the transplant. One design featured the Chicago Cubs while the second design was in favor of the St. Louis Cardinals. Weaver said it was a battle to see how many shirts were purchased from each team. Brady is a Cardinals fan and Greg, his father, is a Cubs fan.

Brady’s Transplant Battle Golf Outing, Saturday, August 28, 2021

For more information on how to help Brady and his transplant battle, you can visit here.

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