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Just after 11:00 Tuesday morning the Illinois Senate voted on SB 9 to advance to the governor’s desk. This, after it passed the House on Sunday.

It passed by a 36 yes to 18 no vote.

Lawmakers were working through the Fourth of July Holiday.

Democratic Senator Dave Koehler of Peoria voted yes. Republican Senator Chuck Weaver of Peoria voted no.

The proposed legislation is to increase the current income tax to 4.95%. A 32% increase. It now moves to the governor’s desk. Governor Bruce Rauner is expected to veto the tax hike. This was indicated in a video message from the governor released Monday.

State Senator Daniel Biss (D – 9th District)

The House and Senate have agreed on a budget, and sent it to Governor Rauner’s desk. This budget has support from Democrats and Republicans—it’s far from perfect, but it will open schools in the fall, fund vital social services, pay public sector employees, and put our state within the realm of financial solvency. Governor Rauner has committed to veto it.
Rauner’s obstructionism is nothing new to Senate Democrats, or to the people of Illinois. What is new, however, is that he is losing control of his own party. In response pressure from their constituents, many of my Republican colleagues, including members of both houses, voted in favor of the budget and in defiance of Rauner. This isn’t about political parties or ideological commitments, it’s about doing what is necessary to save our state — and we will be prepared when it becomes necessary to override the Governor’s veto.

Senator Jason Barickman (R – Bloomington)

It’s extremely disappointing that after all the progress we have made in negotiations, Democrats would simply ram through an unbalanced budget that doesn’t offer any fixes or reforms for the systemic issues that continue to plague Illinois. This budget does little to nothing to pay down the massive bill backlog nor will it stop the constant exodus of people and jobs from our state. We need bipartisan solutions, not more of the same failed ideas and policies that got us here.

Senator Chuck Weaver (R – Peoria):

Once again, just as major progress was made at the negotiating table on real bipartisan solutions, Democrats walked away to run their own unbalanced budget bill. This budget plan is unbalanced, won’t reduce the massive bill backlog, and offers no reforms to fix the problems that keep putting us in this position. Years of tax hikes and overspending are what got us here, and this plan just continues that broken status quo. Our families are still being crushed by property taxes, causing our jobs and people to continue fleeing the state in droves, and now we are asking people to pay even more money into a broken system. This plan won’t stop our state’s slide, it will only accelerate it.

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