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President Trump defeated the U.S. move to not back a UN resolution promoting breastfeeding as the healthiest option for babies.

Trump took to Twitter on Monday saying that the intention of his defense was to send the message that women should not be denied access to milk formula since they “need this option because of malnutrition and poverty.”

A Lactation Consultant and a mother with her newborn child at the breastfeeding resource center in Peoria shared the benefits of breastfeeding, and what alternatives are readily available for mothers who aren’t able to.

“At least do your research and not just assume you have to do formula or that you have to breast feed. Do what works for your family and if you can breastfeed, there is a lot of health benefits.”

Baby Kaitlyn, who was born prematurely, leaves her mom Kristyn Kennel thankful that she’s now healthy. She says, breastfeeding was key in that growth.

“It’s so healthy for the baby, and just how it helps with their immune system and just being so little, we knew it was going to be one of the best things for her.”

Lactation consultants like Polly Kocher say there is a greater risk for more illness if a baby doesn’t get breast milk, but they are doing what they can to remove barriers so that women can breastfeed.

“People’s lives are complicated. People are giving birth to babies who 10 years ago couldn’t even conceive a baby, which has lead to more in depth and complicated situations that we have to deal with.”

But, Kristyn says, formula can be a great alternative, and for some, they don’t have any other choice.

“It’s wonderful for people who can’t breastfeed. We weren’t sure because Kaitlyn was born premature, so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to breastfeed, or if I were going to be able to produce enough milk, and I was, but it’s nice to be able to have an option for people who can’t or if it’s just too hard.”

And she says looking back on her experience with her first daughter, she feels even closer to her children.

“But it was near just to have that bond, it’s special.”

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