MORTON, Ill. (WMBD) — When shopping for a wedding dress most brides would say it’s important to try it on before buying it.

But that may be a little tough when the bridal shops are closed.

Lucky for brides Adore Bridal and Specialty in Morton have not stopped serving their customers and now they are making it easier for them to do their wedding dress shopping by bringing their product to your living room.

“We can still provide an experience for you, you can see it, feel it, touch it all of those things and know this is the dress you want to get married in,” said owner of Adore Bridal and Specialty, Janice Yoder.

Yoder hasn’t been seeing clients in her store, but her passion for fitting brides with the perfect dress drove her to a solution called the adore bride box.

“The adore bride box allows a bride to try on dresses in her home, we can do it with a virtual appointment so we get on with you, we share the link so you can have anyone you want still involved in that process of finding your wedding dress,” said Yoder.

Yoder says the idea started last week and has already garnered the attention of a handful of brides.

“It was definitely a little different cause it was the first time i was trying on dresses but it was also very exciting because i was able to have my sister be apart of it since she lives in california where she wouldn’t have been a part of it before,” said future bride Meghan Kruse, who’s getting married in October.

The uncertainty of future weddings have put brides on edge, Yoder says she’s grateful she can give them something to keep their wedding on track.

“The fact that we can provide that during this time, that joy that smile, it was exciting for me to be apart of too but it was so much more than the dollars we’re gonna bring in but it was about being able to provide that for a bride,” said Yoder.

You can also get your bridesmaids dresses, tuxes and accessories for you weddings at Adore.