Brimfield tree farm highlights family, tradition this holiday season

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BRIMFIELD, Ill. — It’s a busy time of year for Cinnamon’s Tree Farm.

“It’s more than just showing up in November and December and selling trees,” said Rod Stahl, one of the owners of Cinnamon’s Tree Farm.

The lay of the land is not new to Rod Stahl and his wife Cathy, having grown up around farming. Year-round, the two are planting, pruning and prepping hundreds of Christmas trees and helping local families celebrate their most cherished traditions.

Cathy said, “It brings everybody back home. And so that’s the great part of this business.”

Cinnamon’s Tree Farm has been a staple in the Brimfield community since the 1960s. That’s when Bill and Shirley Cinnamon opened up shop.

“My older girls worked for Bill and Shirley through the years at Christmas time helping them run their tree farm,” said Rod.

And when the Cinnamons decided to sell six years ago, the Stahls stepped in adding extra cheer, trees and even a gift shop to the line-up.

“If you would’ve asked us even 10 years ago would we ever own a Christmas tree farm, we would have not seen that on our radar, but it’s been a real blessing,” Cathy said.

It’s an investment they say might never have even happened without a push from their nine children.

Rod said, “We were all sitting around as a family and some of the girls said, ‘Mom and Dad you ought to buy that farm.’ And we were like, ‘Really?’”

The family of 11 works well together, tending to the 8-acre business they also live on. Their daughter, Kami Stahl, who also handles the marketing, says she enjoys the job.

“It’s good. It’s fun. I feel like all of us kind of have our own little corner of the business, so that helps just to have everyone have their own thing,” said Kami.

Unlike other parts of the country, the Stahls say their farm has managed the challenges of tree shortages.

“When we took over, the Cinnamons had been getting older and their health was a little challenged. And so there were a few years there where we were a little—we brought in a lot of pre-cuts to try to make up for that shortage,” said Cathy. “I think we’ve weathered that for now, but you never know.”

They say the hard work has been both a bonding and learning experience for the family.

“I think it’s been good for my kids to learn how to work, to learn responsibility and to learn you know that if you want to be successful, you’ve got to put forth some effort,” said Rod.

The Stahls also say Cinnamon’s Tree Farm has created generational traditions and relationship-building with customers.

Kami said, “…talking to all of them and seeing them year after year and then the new people that always come. That’s always fun.”

The farm is located at 17223 W Brimfield-Jubilee Rd. in Brimfield.

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