Most of us have many ways of communicating with those in our lives, but some families struggle to communicate to each other when a disability plays a part. 

This month is Hearing and Speech Awareness Month and Easterseals is drawing attention to how vital communication is and how milestones can be met with even just the littlest bit of progress. 

Local therapists say increasing a child’s ability to communicate effectively, is heartwarming. 

“We have this hope of what these children are going to do but we don’t necessarily have a timeline of when they’re going to do it,” says Michelle O’Brian, Speech Language Pathologist. “So you’re holding on to this expectation and then when it hits it’s just this kind of overwhelming feeling of that’s what we were looking for and we made it.”

Speech language pathologists helps kids all over central Illinois, working to increase stability in the home, personal relationships and development of the child. 

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