PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The next BUILD Peoria community project has been decided.

Thousands of Peoria-area residents voted to select Potent Gratitude Park as the organization’s next build.

BUILD Peoria President Nick Yates said a record-amount of people voiced their ideas for the next project.

“We almost had 4,000 votes come in for the four projects that we selected as a board,” Yates said. “The last four years of us proving that we can achieve our goals of projects has garnered excitement from the community to share their thoughts on who should be the next!”

Potent Gratitude Park is expected to be built next to Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church, right across from Proctor Recreation Center on W. Martin St. The plan involves demolishing several houses next to the church and building an area for Peorians to enjoy.

The project was nominated by Hedy Elliot and Bob Woolsey and in partnership with the Marcellus Sommerville Family Foundation.

“This has been 10-11 years of hard work to energize the South End,” Elliot said. “People are starting to look at it and this will be an amazing addition to our area. We want all the new people who are looking at this area to look not only on the inside of business but also on the outside. This will be the start to something amazing in our community!”

BUILD Peoria plans to work with project organizers to raise funds and construct the park over the next year.

“It’s gonna mean a lot. It’s gonna give us a chance to continue to reach to our children. To give them a safe place where we can pull them away from danger.” said pastor of Sovereign Grace Missionary Baptist Church Alvin Riley

The organization’s primary fundraising event, the BUILD Peoria Chili Cook-Off, will take place on Oct. 3.