Bump Boxes launches new program to empower, teach mothers

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PEORIA, Ill. — A Peoria business is expanding its mission of ensuring healthy pregnancies and is launching a new program to empower mothers.

Bump boxes is making it easy for anyone to become a businesswoman through their Bump Boss program.

“It’s really important to, to empower mom,” said Christine Deehring, the founder & CEO of Bump Boxes.

She says it’s a business tool that any mom can use.

“Life is hard being a mom, it’s stressful! There’s a lot of things going on, and so it’s like we want to give mom the tools and tricks that she can use in order to be successful,” said Deehring.

Through the program, any mom who signs up gets a referral link. If people sign up using her link, she’ll get money back.

“It’s an easy share,” said Deehring.

And it’s not just a one time benefit. Bosses will be paid for every box sent from a sign up with their link, a potential of 45 months worth of commission for every referral.

“This is the best way that we can do that. Is just by putting the power back in her hands, putting the cash back in her hands,” said Deehring.

They’re also offering skills and classes to help their bosses.

“We really want to coach mom and train her, and kinda show her how we started this from the ground up,” said Deehring.

Deehring thinks this is the best way to spread word about bump boes.

“I would rather, you know, pay 1,000 moms $500 a month, than spend half a million dollars in advertising somewhere else,” said Deehring.

Bump boxes launched its first subscription box in 2015, and in just three years, the company made $8 million with 32 local employees.

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