Calvary Christian Students are making a difference in the lives of many, 8,000 miles away

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Students at Shalom Community School in Southern Uganda, had never seen playground equipment in their liives. But now, with the help of students in Normal they are finally about to enjoy a place to play.

Last July, two minors were playing with matches on Calvary Christian Academy’s campus and accidentally set fire to and destroyed their playground. There were no reported injuries but, when the staff got together to brainstorm ways to fix the damages, someone had another idea.

“A parent of one of our students has been involved in the Upwards Uganada organization and she knew that the students there were in need of some playground equipment as well,” said Principal Aaron Whisler of CCA.

The parent told principal whisler about a way the school could get involved. So the students of Calvary participated in a week-long coin drive.

They were asked to bring in pennies on monday, nickels on tuesday, dimes on wednesday and quarters on thursday. They ended up raising more than $1,200.

“They would come in every day holding little ziplock bags of coins and some of them would have papers or dollars in there,” said Pre-K Teacher Chrity Boerm. “The parents were excited, some of them would say ‘hey they emptied their piggy bank’ because this was important to them. They gave everything that they had and they really made a huge impact.”

Boerm says this project really helped show people what kids have the power to do.

“I think, especially, with our youngest students, some people can discount their understanding of what we are doing,” she said. “This was a great way for our families to get involved and for us as teachers to teach servant leadership but to tell them how we are really going to affect kids worldwide.”

Principal Whisler says this type of service doesn’t end here, he says this project inspired the students and staff at clavary and they are looking for more ways to make a difference in the world.

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