ELMWOOD, Ill. (WMBD) — “Camron’s irreplaceable,” said Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell.

Friday, at Oaks-Hines Funeral Home in Elmwood, members of local law enforcement agencies paid their respects to Camron Passie, a 25-year-old Peoria County Corrections Officer, who died Dec. 5 due to complications related to COVID-19.

“I’ve known Cam since he was a teenager, even before he started this career. He grew up in Brimfield, we were neighbors,” said Asbell.

Sheriff Brian Asbell described Passie as someone who treated people with dignity and respect. He said Camron was his friend.

“I remember Cam as number 55, who played on this football field right down the block here,” said Asbell.

He said Passie had a big sense of humor and loved to fish and be outdoors.

“But most importantly, he really loved this profession. His goal was he wanted to be on the street someday, to be a police officer, but when he got in the jail he found out he was really good at it, he was ready to stay there for the rest of his career,” said Asbell.

Sheriff Asbell added, he’s thankful to the community for showing their support, and to the patrol deputies who volunteered to work inside the Peoria County Jail Friday, so that the corrections employees, could come to pay their respects.