After two consecutive years without a state budget–local groups are taking action. The City of Canton held a forum Monday night to share how this budget impasse is affecting their community.
“If didn’t pay my bills i would lose my home, you know so it’s hard for me to explain to my children , you know somebody can not pay their billls on a higher level and it’s just okay” said Holly Roos, a Canton native.
Roos’ family relies on services provided by the state, especially her son who has an intellectual disability. 
“We’re impacted on multiple levels on this” said Roos.  “And to see what’s happening and to know that there’s not a budget being passed is really frightening.”
Canton residents came together Monday night to discuss these concerns. They also wrote letters to state legislatures, demanding a change,
Those in the medical field have also seen more need since the budget impasse.
 “We have a man whose had 3 heart attacks, waiting to get his rotting teeth pulled out and can’t get any money to cover it- not medicaid nothing” said Health And Wellness Connection’s Missy Kolowsky. 
Kolowsky said they are covering services they’ve never had to in years prior.
“There’s so much more-there’s so much more it’s incredible” said Kolowsky.
The Canton Union School District is owed $1.6 million by the state.
“Honestly, it’s really scary to see how much of our everyday lives is going to be impacted, could be impacted, to watch services slip away” said Roos. 
The forum’s coordinators plan to take the letters addressed during the forum and hand deliver them to legislators in Springfield.