A pilot program called “Cat about Town” is bringing fostering cats to a whole new level.

Businesses in central Illinois are working hand in hand with S.A.M.S out of Hanna City to bring cats into the workplace.

It gives cats an opportunity to be fostered and also allows for more room at the facility.

“I think “Jonesy” has an awesome life here and he certainly makes everybody more happy here,” says Max Schelkopf, Sales Rep at Rocor. “It’s just an all around pleasant experience for everybody, the animal, us, the adoptee, you know, it’s- everybody’s happier because of him.”

S.A.M.S is looking for other qualifying businesses to participate in this local effort.

“It’s really important for the animals to get exposure plus it creates space at the shelter for us,” says Connie Davis, Executive Director of S.A.M.S. “So since Torie, now Jonesy is here at Rocor, there’s a spot at the shelter where we can take in another animal from a crowded county shelter and save it’s life.”