WASHINGTON, D.C. (WMBD) — Caterpillar reached a settlement with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) this week, resolving all issues for tax years 2007 through 2016 without any penalties.

The settlement includes the resolution of disputed tax treatment of profits earned by Caterpillar from certain parts transactions. Caterpillar had contested the IRS’s application of the “substance-over-form” or “assignment-of-income” judicial doctrines and its proposed increases to tax and imposition of accuracy-related penalties, said the company.

The settlement does not include any increases to tax in the United States based on those judicial doctrines and does not include any penalties.

“We have been cooperating with the government in its review of the issues and are pleased to have reached this resolution with the IRS,” said Caterpillar in a statement released Friday.

Company details from tax years subsequent to 2016 are not yet under examination.