PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Caterpillar Workers Rank-and-File Committee has released a statement discussing worker demands and measures if negotiations fall through.

Measures include workers being prepared for a strike and encouraging other CAT workers unionized or not, to support their cause.

The Rank-and-File Committee also demands open-door negotiations and full disclosures of any proposed contract.

The Caterpillar Workers Rank-and-File Committee will not accept any agreement that doesn’t include a 50% wage increase for all workers to combat the loss of profit-sharing and regular cost-of-living raises. This also includes lower health care premiums, increased paid sick and vacation time, and the restoration of pensions for all workers.

The current United Auto Workers contract is due to expire at midnight on March 1. The contract covers nearly 7000 Caterpillar workers.

The full statement from the committee can be found here.