UPDATE MONDAY 10 P.M. — The bridge has been reopened.

A representative from BioUrja said the fire was a re-eruption of the fire that happened last Friday, which occurred because of the initial explosion last Wednesday.

Now, Peoria Fire Chief Shawn Sollberger said the department has been filling the grain with water to ensure it will not collapse. Crews have been watching the amount of water they place in the bin, as well as moving the firefighters to a closer position to better fight the fire.

Monday, there was a meeting between the fire department and leaders at BioUrja to discuss mitigation plans to tear down the bins. The next move is to fill the bin with foam on Tuesday night, once the fire is completely diminished.

“We’re trying to be as careful as humanly possible trying to get this fire basically contained or if not, put all the way out, so this foam mitigation company can come in tomorrow night, fill that silo with foam, and then hopefully, that’s taken care of. But, I think it’s okay for us to say that I think this is a process that’s going to go on for several days,” said Sollberger.

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Cedar Street Bridge has been closed on both the Peoria and East Peoria sides due to a fire at BioUrja.

Drivers are asked to find an alternate route.

A representative with BioUrja said a fire inside of a silo had been smoldering since a grain bin explosion at the plant last Wednesday.

Peoria Fire Chief Shawn Sollberger said a meeting with BioUrja and several other agencies was held Monday morning, regarding the best way to demolish the damaged silos.

It was determined that the fire burning inside one of the silos must be extinguished before they could be torn down.

Due to the potential for collapse, Monday afternoon, Peoria firefighters sprayed the fire with water from an elevated position.

BioUrja remains closed and a timeline for reopening is still being determined.

Sollberger said firefighters, BioUrja, and other response teams will meet every morning until the bins are safely demolished.

The Peoria Fire Department said once visibility improves on the Cedar Street Bridge, the bridge will reopen in both directions.

Below is footage WMBD captured from the scene of the fire:

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