PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Sunday, Sports Verein of Peoria partnered with the German American Central Society to serve a German-style breakfast at the Lindenhof in Peoria.

The breakfast included coffee and multiple different types of pancakes.

Club President Ross Bear said they featured German potato pancakes, German thin pancakes, and all-you-can-eat American-style pancakes.

Bear said German pancakes are made with more eggs and are much denser than a traditional American pancake.

Toppings included powdered sugar and cherries for the German pancakes and apple sauce with a side of sour cream for the potato pancakes.

Members of the club said it is important to keep traditions like these going.

“Our club has a charter in which we want to promote the culture, and that’s why we decided to make more of a traditional German breakfast along with the American pancakes,” said the president of the club, Ross Bear.

There was German entertainment such as much and merchandise for people to enjoy.