PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — To find success in therapies at Easterseals during the COVID-19 pandemic, therapists say it’s taken a strong bond to bring services into your home and find success. It’s a common thread in our community.

Therapists are developing innovative ideas to help families, getting creative, and using resources parents have at home.

Telehealth is bringing Easterseals services and therapy into their homes. Katie Pena, manager of occupational and physical therapy says Easterseals rolled out its virtual services in just two weeks.

“We’ve had to be very creative, innovative, work together as a team to figure out new policies, ppe, telehealth, other ways to provide service that we can still meet the families needs but be safe,” Pena said.

Pena says there is strength in numbers and coming together for a common cause.

“Everyone’s goal is to support the child and the whole family, so I feel like we’ve just really pulled together as a team and that shows a lot of strength.”

Katlyn Linsley, manager of ABA and counseling services says it takes teamwork between therapists and families.

“The parents being so strong, working with their therapists directly is really what’s going to continue to get us through this time right now,” Linsley said.

Linsley says together, they’re seeing growth and success.

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