Celebrating School!

school rally_1475766925418.jpg

A big welcome for some Peoria Public School students Thursday morning.

Thomas Jefferson Primary and Trewyn School hosted school rallies to show their pride in supporting public education. The Peoria Federation of Teachers helped organize the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools event.

Mayor Ardis and representatives from Peoria Police and Fire Departments took part to show their support. The American Federation of Teachers says Illinois ranks 49th out of 50 in funding for public education. 

Still, teachers say they’re proud of their school and students.

“I want them here, I love having them here at school, my favorite part of the day is being here to be their teacher. I tell my kids all the time I care about them, we care about them. I want to make sure that I am helping them succeed in life and I’m going to give them all the tools they need right here at school in order to do that to make their dreams come true.” 4th Grade Teacher at Thomas Jefferson Primary School, Lauren Wulf, said.

Teachers add that they loved seeing the surprised looks on students faces to get a warm welcome on a rainy morning.

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