Central Illinois crops in much better condition that 2019

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — After a successful planting season, farmers say most of the crops are in the ground.

With the last acres of corn and soybeans now planted, farmers can now take a breather.

“They always say knee high by the Fourth of July,” said Emily Rogier, manager of Tazewell County Farm Bureau.

And let mother nature handle the rest.

“I’ve talked to some farmers, and you know one of them had seven tenths of an inch, and one just a couple tenths, but then another farmer had just around two and a half inches, so he had some runoff on his field. But, we’ll take the rain, as the saying goes, rain makes grain,” said Patrick Kirchhofer, Peoria County farm bureau manager.

Patrick Kirchhofer manages the Peoria County Farm Bureau.

He says though the crops are doing well, livestock farmers face a different challenge.

Kirchhofer says what appears to be a food shortage is actually a disruption in processing.

“We did have a build up of livestock of animals on farms, and that was an issue, that was a problem. But it seems like plants are at near capacity now, and so they are just trying to catch up on the processing,” said Kirchhofer.

Tazewell County Farm Bureau Manager, Emily Rogier, says consumers were calling on farmers to get extra food on the table when they needed it most.

“A lot more people were calling farmers and asking for, you know, can I buy a hog off of you, can I purchase a beef and take it to their local butcher, because farmers were hurting, they weren’t able to fulfill their contracts at the processing facilities,” said Rogier.

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