Central Illinois farmers face troubles from heavy rains

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In some cases, rain can be a good thing for Central Illinois crops, but some farmers say what we’re seeing this week can also cause problems.

Central Illinois farmers face troubles as wet spring weather continues to delay planting. The growing season for some crops started in the last week of April and farmers say so far, the weather is not cooperating. 

“This year, it started out wet and it’s staying wet, and there has been hardly any days of field work done around here. there’s probably been maybe two or three days that’s been good for planting,” said farmer, Ross Pauli.

Farmer Ross Pauli says soybeans can take some rain and flooding but it takes a toll on other crops.

“The worst thing for newly planted corn is a cold wet rain, because that’s the first thing that seedling will take in moisture wise,” said Pauli.

Experts say heavy rain will delay the planting and decrease productivity. Bayer Crop Science representatives in Bloomington say the ideal target date to start planting corn is April 15th. Now pushing toward the month of May, farmers are trying to remain optimistic.

“It’s gonna put a little more stress and hectic cause once it does turn, at some point hopefully it does turn. you know, hopefully we’ll get some dry weather to get some things planted, but we’ll be going crazy to try to get caught up,” said Pauli.

On the other hand, Pauli says this will help in the future should a drought plague the region.

“The good part I guess, is we have a lot of subsoil moisture. If we ever get a dry spell when we get the crop planted, it will have a lot of moisture for down the road maybe,” said Pauli.

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