Central Illinois kindergarten classrooms continue to evolve

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State education requirements are ramping up their expectations and schools are being pressured to perform.

Rebecca Brumfield talked to a local school about the pros and cons of full day versus half day kindergarten.

Inside a kindergarten classroom, kids are learning math, letters, reading and plenty more. 

“What we’re able to expose our students to for the entire day allows them to grow and develop so much more over the course of a full day throughout the year,” says Brett Lawless, Principal.

Inside a Central Primary kindergarten room, Lori Evans who has been teaching for more than 20-years, went through a transition at the school.

“Going from three day program at preschool for two and a half hours a day to a full day from the get go is a big adjustment for 5&6 year olds,” says Lori Evans, Kindergarten Teacher At Central Primary.

She says it’s what’s better for curriculum, the students growth and teacher’s ability to meet standards by the state.

“When I had a half day program, I had time for one group a day,” says Evans. “Now I get a lot more covered and with a common core report card, I really need that full day to get it all in.”

“I believe things have evolved to the point where you could kind of say, 20-years ago, first grade curriculum is very much, to an extent, the kindergarten curriculum,” says Lawless.

Lawless says that this acceleration of progress is a main factor for their switch. 

“That’s just one more reason why the full day is not just an advantage but it’s almost a necessity for us to get students where they need to be heading into first grade now,” says Lawless.

Central Primary Schools transitioned close to 10-years ago, but currently, Morton School District 709 is thinking about following suit.

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