Central Illinois prepping to help victims of Hurricane Florence

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Being a part of Central Illinois means many things. It means we’re humble, helpful and eager to spring into action when help is needed, especially when disaster strikes. 

The local community is already preparing to help with Hurricane Florence disaster relief efforts. 

“People in Central Illinois are the most giving of anywhere, I mean, we love them,” said Mike Hoffman, Midwest Food Bank. 

From packing disaster relief boxes, to sealing bags of noodles, volunteers from all across Central Illinois are hard at work helping to prepare for what Hurricane Florence leaves behind. 

“When something happens, the first thing is, ‘How can I help? What can I do?’,” Hoffman said. “This is a way you can be really involved directly in making that happen.”

Midwest Food Bank has several locations across the region. 

It’s partnership with the Salvation Army helps to give families who have lost everything the basic necessities they need. 

“We have five semi loads ready and we have enough back stock ready to make at least five or six more of those loads,” said Hoffman.  

A single disaster relief box can feed a family of four for up to five days. 

“We have pasta and pasta sauce,” said Hoffman. “We have soup. We have cereal.”

Until Hurricane Florence hits landfall, and after the Salvation Army can get in to the areas and assess the damage, Midwest Food Bank in Peoria, Morton and Bloomington, will be ready waiting for the phone call. 

“It’s a very direct donation to people,” Hoffman said. “It’s not taking a load of food in and dumping it off at a warehouse and hoping they use it. It is actually getting right to the people that need it.”

To find out how you can help, CLICK HERE.

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