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CENTRAL ILLINOIS PROUD: A local restaurant chain is helping earthquake victims in Mexico

One of the owners of Blue Margaritas Bar & Grill is helping a cause near to his heart.

His hometown was completely destroyed after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake devastated parts of Mexico.

Now, all three Blue Margaritas' locations (Peoria, Washington, and Springfield) are collecting donations to send to small towns around Central Mexico.

"These smaller towns, they're living outside right now," says Diana Martinez, co-owner of Blue Margaritas. "They don't have houses, they don't have home insurance; it's a really sad situation that's happening. So, at least we know that by sending these items, we're at least helping in some way."

The restaurant chain is especially looking for clothing donations for all ages.

Monetary donations will go toward shipping costs. Blue Margaritas will cover the rest of the shipping costs to ensure everything makes it to those in need.

To learn more information regarding the cause, you can go to the restaurant's Facebook page.

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