The most exciting part of the school year is underway at Limestone High School. Over the next two weeks, students will compete to see whether the boys or the girls can raise the most money for Easterseals.

Easterseals families were welcomed to Tuesday’s opening assembly with music, lights, and performances by student groups. Over the last 42 years, students have raised $880,556. 

Senior Taylor Thomas has been fundraising for Easterseals since the 7th grade. This Spring, she’ll receive her high school diploma. As she reaches that important milestone, she hopes to help kids at Easterseals reach their goals.

“It truly is a great feeling,” says Thomas. “I feel like we’re making it easier for a lot of families and doing a lot of good.”

Those efforts don’t go unnoticed by the families who benefit from services at Easterseals. 

“I’m a high school teacher, so I kinda understand what’s going on in these kids’ lives,” says Nathan Edwards, whose daughter attends Easterseals. “So for them to give this much and go over and above, to get outside of themselves and help a community that really needs help like these kids, is just totally awesome.” 

Limestone’s fundraising campaign will wrap up with another assembly February 27. 

Our Easterseals Telethon runs Friday and Saturday, March 2-3. You can donate now here or call (309) 687-2009.