Central Illinois Regional Airport conducts emergency drill

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BLOOMINGTON, Il. Central Illinois regional airport staff and other service agencies in McLean County got to test its emergency response in case of an aircraft accident.

“It’s something that we’re required to do every 3 years by the FAA. It’s part of our operating certificate. It also helps test the community’s response as we have over 26 agencies involved in this emergency task,” said Fran Strebing, Deputy Director of Marketing.

The Bloomington Fire Department is in charge of managing any emergency happening at the airport. Although it’s not a very common event, they say this drill will help them be more prepared.

“Anytime we have a big disaster, it’s going to be a similar set up. We have procedures in place so we are following those. This is just a great opportunity to hone those practices. We learn a lot about it in a classroom setting but actually getting out and physically doing it, is rare,” said Eric Davison, Bloomington Fire Department, Public Information Officer.

Every victim reacts different to a situation. Some are even confused about the way authorities respond.

“You’ll see a lot of First responders not run, cause it’s important for us to remain calm, not only because that reflects to the victims themselves that we’re calm, but also if you’re rushing that can either have something be missed or cause injury yourselves,” said Davison.

Most importantly, airport authorities and First responders hope to show the community that they’re prepared to act in case of an emergency.

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